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Viviana Esposito

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11/ 2014 to 11/15

Laboratorio Di Biologia Marina E Pesca    Fano, Italy


Biometrical Analysis, including sexual determination and sexual maturity in fish (MedItS Project: International Bottom Trawl Survey in the Mediterranean).

·         Otoliths Analysis

·         Feeding habits and Trophic Levels of Merluccius merluccius in Adriatic Sea


12/12 to 12/12

IAMC (Istituto Per l’Ambiente Marino Costiero) & CNR (National Research Council)      Naples, Italy

Oceanographic Survey


·         Use of multibeam echo sounders to acquire water depth information in North of Sardinia

(Bocche di Bonifacio)

·         Use of Niskin bottle to register water quality

09/12 to 12/12

IAMC (Istituto Per l’Ambiente Marino Costiero) & CNR (National Research Council)      Naples, Italy



·         Stock identification and assessment through acquisition data

05/12 to 07/12

Museum Centers of Natural and Physical Sciences, Università Degli Studi Di Napoli Federico Ii   Naples, Italy


Curator and Exhibition Supervisor


·         Management of Museum Archives

·         Management of events and workshops

·         Exhibition supervisor

·         Tour supervisor




Barry University  Miami, Florida, US

Intensive English Studies



Alma Mater Studiorium Università di Bologna  Ravenna, Italy

Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology



Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II   Naples, Italy

Associate Degree, Biology of  Marine Productions



Universidad de Cadiz  Cadiz, Spain  

Erasmus Experience, Certificate Program





Italian – Native speaker, fluent in written and spoken language.

Spanish – Intermediate verbal, reading, and writing.

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access), Adobe Photoshop List Software, social media tools, databases, statistical analysis tools, and other technical programs.